Album review! Tacocat – Lost Time (oh and some other catch-you-up tidbits)

Just a reminder because the blog has been a little cold and inactive of late: one of my biggest loves is music. More to the point, one of my biggest loves is to show new music to people and for them to respond with enthusiasm and a thirst for more music.

Like I said: my bloggy endeavours have been on pause since the start of the year but I am aiming to revive the movement.

On that note, here’s my latest review. They’re Tacocat; a riotgrrrl band from Seattle, USA. Lost Time took me back to late 90s female pop punk like Skulker and L7.

The link takes you through to my article on the Cultured Vultures website, and there are YouTube clips for a couple of their tracks.
Have a click!

I plan to post more reviews and more musings about music, as well as life in general and how to unstick yourself when you find your feet rooted to the ground while the minutes turn into decades.

Oh, and I’ll talk about my journey into writing and publishing my first book series! This is another huge bucket list item I need — and want — to tackle this year, and hopefully I can impart something resembling wisdom along the way.

Welcome back to HB Perspectives šŸ™‚