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Montaigne – Glorious Heights (in name, and in reality) released today!!!

Jessica Cerro {Montaigne} — musician extraordinaire

After decades — pardon the massive hyperbole šŸ˜‰ — of waiting, Glorious Heights has arrived!

The soaring textured vocals of Jess Cerro, the playful piano solos, the passion injected into everything she does…

I’m a bit speechless, as I’m currently recalling how moved I was when I first listened to Glorious Heights.

How to put it into words…

Did you ever see that TV commercial, something to do with the sensation of feeling like you’re standing on top of a mountain?
Well, when you listen to this — my pick for ALBUM OF THE YEAR, just quietly — brace yourself for the trek and for the feeling of liberation when you reach the peak.

I don’t mind admitting: I’ve been peeing myself in anticipation for this day, pretty much since I first heard Montaigne’s ‘I Am Not An End’ when she was Unearthed by Triple J two years ago.

My fandom doubled, tripled and quadrupled with every one of her single releases since then.
Not to mention her collaboration with Hilltop Hoods, her relentless touring, and her chipper, charismatic disposition during interviews and on stage…

I kinda want to be her best friend! šŸ˜›

Seriously though: I have closely followed Jess’s progress since she first hit the Triple J airwaves. As such, I am very very excited for the release of Glorious Heights and I invite you all to check her out! Her tunes are relatable, exhilarating, and cathartic.

Check out my review of Glorious Heights, including a couple of her clips for your listening pleasure.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time I researched tour dates…