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We Gotta Get Outta This Place! – 5 tunes to inspire escapism


“Music is my escape.” How often have we heard and seen this expression?

So simple, yet so loaded, and so true in many different ways.

The question is: why do we frequently feel the need to escape? Whether it’s being stuck at a dead end job, an unhappy relationship, overbearing family, stagnant routine, or generally lacking inspiration and direction, the theme remains the same:

We need to escape because we feel TRAPPED.

We need to escape because:

– we feel as though we can’t change our circumstances

– we’re afraid to step into the unknown

– we’re afraid to upset and disappoint other people

The list goes on.

So, instead of dealing with the feelings and working out the complex puzzle of our own fuzzy existence, we push the feelings down and chuck that crumpled mess in the internal “Not right now, damn it!!!” pile.

I don’t say this to criticise. We all do it.

This can only work for so long, though, and eventually the feelings of being trapped resurface, and are usually twice as strong as they were.

For these reasons, music is definitely my escape!

In fact, I see music as a pressure release valve. Whenever I’m feeling dissatisfied or overwhelmed, and I’ve been putting things off that should’ve been dealt with months ago, I rely on music to help ease the pain and release the intense pressure levels building inside.

Here are five of my favourite go-to tracks, in no particular order, for whenever I need to escape a while:

1) Jebediah – Leaving Home

I first heard this when I was 17, and the song still conjures images of the first time I moved out of home… the giddy thrill of not living by the rules, of making your own decisions and sleeping in as late as you like!

The perfect soundtrack to those weeks of bliss, before startling reality of bill-paying and responsibility, sets in.

2) Dogs Die In Hot Cars – Lounger

“Don’t have to eat my greens / or keep my bedroom extra tidy cause nobody is around to tell me off.”

I grew up in a pretty full household. In fact, I shared a bedroom with my two sisters til I was nearly 18 years old. Needless to say, when I eventually had my own space and was living with friends, it was a huge weight lifted.

Basically, this song reminds me of the joy of a moment’s peace, of having an entire house to yourself, and not having a care in the world.


3) Moloko – The Time Is Now

It’s all in the name – “THE TIME IS NOW!”

The cool calm collected bassy riff inspires a steely resolve, and helps you bravely listen to your inner voice; the only voice pointing you in the right direction and opening up a whole new world.

This song has always touched something deep inside. It drowns out the exterior voices and encourages you to fuckin’ go for it!

Just ignore the lovey dovey nature of the verses, and focus on the overall package.


4) The Getaway Plan – Where The City Meets The Sea

The absolute pure essence of escapism.

The fantasy of loading up a van or Winnebago with essentials, hitting the road with someone or flying solo, and never for one second looking back.



5) Arcade Fire – No Cars Go

“Women and children / LET’S GO!”

I may seem  a little biased here, as Arcade Fire are my favourite band of all time.

But trust me: this is one of the most powerful, breathtaking tracks you will hear, with vast soundscapes placing you right there amidst the adrenaline-pumping uncertainty.

It embodies diving into the unknown and taking the road never travelled.

Well: there you have it!

As always, I do hope you find some of my suggestions helpful and may you find your own escape in the wonderful world of music!

What songs do you use for an escape? Please share below! 🙂 I’m always on the lookout for more music! There’s no such thing as too much, really! 😉