Come on, let me show you what I’m all about

* Lover of words, lover of music, passionate about opening people up to the world of audio delights ripe for the picking!

* Ridiculously big — too big — CD collection. A partner who plays guitar, and might I add is damn good at it! Countless nights spent tape recording my favourite songs on the radio and getting annoyed when the announcer would talk over the top of the awesome intro / outro. Diplomas in both Business Studies and Freelance Journalism. That all makes for one heck of a package and is pretty indicative of why I have this passion inside me.

* Music reviewer – my past resume includes:, mX Newspaper, Reverb street press / online magazine and The Australia Times online mag. For more info on my past gigs, and for samples, hit me up! Honestly: I can’t shut up about music, so you’ll be doing be a favour by asking me to expand on what I’ve done!

* Reminding / educating people about the classics – nostalgia is a powerful thing!

* Using lyrics as inspiration, and the #rhythmofword to spark your own creative dreams!

* Rooting for the underdog – I will be scouring the web — on a world-wide scale — to find some of the most unknown and underrated musicians and giving them a voice, right here on my page!

* Shameless services plugging (just throwing it in there lol) – I want to review music: YOUR music! For your band, for your promotions website, for your digital / physical publication. I want to conduct your interviews, write your press releases and review your tracks. Go ahead: get in touch and let’s talk more about what I can offer you! It’ll be a win win situation, I can promise you that!


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