Silversun Pickups – “Better Nature” album review


I LOVE Silversun Pickups… 84% of the time.

The 16% negativity is a result of their latest album Better Nature — an album I simply couldn’t figure out.

Listening was a tease, and it felt like I was the butt of a cruel joke because at times I couldn’t even tell if they were taking themselves seriously.

Their two previous albums Carnavas and Swoon leave this record for dead — a record rather tragically scattered, rushed and haphazardly thrown together.

Despite my over-critical review (don’t take it personally; it’s kinda my job ;)), I would still urge fans to have a listen and make up their own minds because there are enough moments of endearing personality here to make it palatable.

Read my Reverb Online review of Better Nature right here:

I still love these guys, and look forward to their next effort — “effort” being the operative word — whenever that may be!


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