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Whip Whip Nae Nae = WTF?! (Why I’m glad I’m not across all the latest trends)

Yes, I’m a music writer.

Yes, my taste is diverse and there’s pretty much nothing I “HATE” hate when it comes to music. Hatred is a useless emotion.

Then again, so is confusion.

I guess the difference is: you can control hate, you can manage it and channel it to healthier release outlets.

The same can’t be said for confusion. And no: confusion is NOT ignorance. Confusion is simply being bewildered and taken aback by a situation because it makes no sense in the real world.

That’s why, I don’t hate certain forms of music. I am confused by what constitutes a definition of “music.”

Seriously: WHIP WHIP NAE NAE? That is the peak of mainstream lyric writing these days?

See? I even said it wrong! 😉 there’s only one “whip,” not two!

A quick Google search told me what I needed to know:

Actually: that really doesn't tell me anything...
Actually: that really doesn’t tell me anything…

I’m sorry, but this is NOT music.

This is trend-setting, fad-inducing, next-attempt-at-the-Macarena stuff.

But that’s fine! I’m not knocking it.

But you can’t put lipstick on a pig and still want to take it to the dance.

Don’t dress this up as music. Have fun with it, but don’t tell me this is the future of the music industry or I will weep.

My first reaction when I read my first
My first reaction when I read my first “WNN” meme…

I’ve also come to realise: it doesn’t matter that I’m not across all the latest trends.

I don’t feel bad when someone says to me “What?! How can you not have heard of it!? It’s huge! It’s played all the time on the radio!”

Even though this is my passion, I don’t need to know everything about everything.

I will be forever educating myself about the history — and predicting the future — of music, but I’m not going to lie to you and say “Oh yeahhhhh… gotta love me some whipping and naeing first thing in the morning!” or anything like that.

If I’ve never heard of something, I’ll tell you, straight up that I have no idea what you’re talking about.

But then, no matter how ridiculous something sounds, I will always check it out for myself and make my own call on it.

That’s my advice to you all: don’t be a pretender. Pretenders are wankers (not the band!! Love me a bit of ‘Hymn to Her’), and it’s too exhausting trying to keep up with the layers of lies you tell yourself and others.

This reminds me of something I saw on the Jimmy Kimmel show once…

I’m paraphrasing here, so bear with me.

They crossed to the Coachella music festival a couple of years ago, and they were making up band names and getting patrons excited for artists that didn’t even exist!

For example:

Reporter: “Get The Fuck Out Of My Pool are playing live for the first time in two years! Are you looking forward to seeing them?!”

Patron: “Oh yeah, you know, I’ve got their whole catalogue, it’ll be good to see which direction they take…”

See?! Wanker alert! 😉

This is a message I try to get across in many different ways, and one I will continue to try and get across: be open-minded, be transparent and accept your limitations. Only then can one truly move towards enlightenment. And, don’t be arseholes to each other. Be kind 🙂

PS: Nope, still don’t want to WNN (Whip Nae Nae) anything. But I’m happy I checked it out and reached that conclusion on my own!

PPS: I found it!! The Jimmy Kimmel footage at Coachella! Oh this is a crack up. Please click here for a huge dose of laughter 😀  “These bands are so obscure, they do not exist!”

Have an amazing day, guys!


1 thought on “Whip Whip Nae Nae = WTF?! (Why I’m glad I’m not across all the latest trends)”

  1. Hahaha I agree 100%! I came across this song when I was on holiday last month. I was on a boat with these three 18 year olds from Nepal and they were playing that song and dancing to it (while filming themselves dancing to it.) I thought it might be some weird obscure stuff from Nepal and who knows what the Nepalese like. But then I saw something about it on Facebook when I got back home so I looked it up and it’s an actual THING. An MTV actual THING.


    Then I felt old because I hadn’t heard of it before and I wondered when I went from knowing everything trendy to not having any clue. Not that it’s a bad thing not knowing anything trendy, it was just a shock. Also I would take being an old fart who has good taste over being a young and dancing to a song with lyrics written by a two year old on a glitter high.

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