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Keep on keepin’ on! – refocusing your goals and not letting negative self-talk derail you

I had an #epiphany today ✨
I’m sorry in advance for the long saga but if my story can help move you towards your own happiness, be prepared to take a knee and enjoy my little tale! 

I’ve been wrestling with an idea for a long time, like YEARS and YEARS long, but haven’t gone for it. Why? because doing absolutely nothing is a much safer option, with little to no chance of professional rejection or having my ego tarnished.

This was a ‘holy grail’ risk back in the day, and the plan was always to work towards it with baby steps.

Check! ✔️and I’m proud of what I’ve done so far but now I’ve come to a grinding halt.

After a day of dwelling, procrastination and the comfort of Netflix, I’ve narrowed down the reason for my current slump to two possibilities:

1) I’m a useless writer, I’ve taken this as far as it’s gonna go and I should just give up now (don’t worry: that’s not how the story ends 😉)

2) I’ve exceeded my own expectations ahead of schedule, and I’ve realised that my ‘holy grail’ is really only the next step towards reaching my full potential, and living the life I was meant to live.

Option 1 is what I have subconsciously been telling myself day in day out for months… And I was wondering why I wasn’t getting anywhere. Well, duh!!😜

Option 2 occurred to me today, for a fleeting second, for the first time in my life…. in the middle of a ‘How I Met Your Mother’ marathon 😕

It hit me like a barrelling freight train! 

I knew then and there I had to write this down, to document it as a constant reminder and a heavy source of realisation. 

I’ve realised I will not stagnate.

There are many MANY more steps to be taken, I’ll forever be redefining my goals, I’ll never stop learning, I’ll never stop refining my skills and I’ll never stop pursuing my happiness.

If I took that first step all those years ago, and the world didn’t implode, then I can easily take this next step! (ie the aforementioned Holy Grail) 

That’s my food for thought for the day: epiphanies can strike at the weirdest moments, even when you’re about to give up on your dreams. 

Know why this happens? I reckon it’s because your soul comes to life, that the thought of steering away from your purpose frightens your soul into rearing its pretty little head. 

It gives you a boot up the arse and sends out the non-toxic subconscious message you have been craving, without even realising you were craving it in the first place.

When this happened to me today, it was one of the most powerful, most liberating moments I’ve ever experienced.

When your soul speaks to you, listen well. Write stuff down. Re-plan your next move. Most importantly: don’t ever be afraid to take the next step.

Right. That’ll be it for now! I’ve got work to do! 😀 go out and own life, guys!


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