Don’t let the name put you off…

Eclectic music makers, Sticky Fingers
Eclectic music makers, Sticky Fingers

… and please believe me when I say you need to check out Sticky Fingers.

It’s kinda funny how I discovered them: over the course of six months, I would hear these random songs on the radio. I’d use Shazam to tag them because I’d think to myself: “Wow this is GOOD SHIT! I need to revisit whoever this is later, and find out more about them!”

It happened about five or six times, and it was only then I realised they were all from the same band: this talented, somewhat unfortunately-named, Sydney based five piece.

We’re talkin’ indie, we’re talkin’ reggae, hip hop and psychodelia all compressed into one neat little bundle. Their tracks exude fun, are loaded with reminiscing and will make you bop & slightly sway from side to side when they pump out your speakers.

There is a certain boyish charm that gets under your skin, and the way they manage to combine Aussie hip hop with romantic serenades and reggae guitar plucks & vocal undertones is just pretty damn special, I reckon!

I have been making a promise to myself for the last few months that I need to brush up on these guys, to listen to ALL their stuff and soak up their magic. I’m on Spotify doing that right now 😉

I’ll admit it’s not for everyone. I’d even go so far as to say you’ll either love them or hate them. I just find it to be unpretentious, honest and fun-loving music that I would happily listen to in full, in the background surrounded by friends or as a soundtrack to a productive work day, or just sitting alone thinking about stuff — whatever tickles your fancy, really!

Curious? Check out their hit, Golden Snafu for starters then try Liquorlip Loaded Gun, and just run with it! Oh and don’t let the track names put you off, either…

Now go forth, and spread the love of music and the #rhythmofword!


1 thought on “Don’t let the name put you off…”

  1. I didn’t realise I’d heard Golden Snafu before until I clicked on the link.

    Also, your site looks fantastic! Can we go as far as to say that you might now have a handle on the Art of WordPress?

    If you need anymore help you know where to find me 🙂

    Ingrid and/or Sarah


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